Jeff Blackman

Rex Murphy: Next routine labour showdown will be of no historical significance

In RABBLE on December 2, 2011 at 9:30 pm

Humberto Dasilva:
Here’s a lie about Stephen Harper. He’s as bold and original as any Canadian I’ve met, except he has a much smaller brain and doesn’t work as hard.

Rex Murphy:
This is not a message from the emergency public warning system. This is Rex Murphy. This is a test. Toronto mayor and mushy moderate Rob Ford is not declaring war on Toronto city workers. This is Toronto-centred paranoia. Rob Ford is not colluding with Stephen Harper to smash labour rights because Stephen Harper is terrified of going near the constitution. The next routine labour showdown will be of no historical significance. If workers don’t lose here, they will lose somewhere else.

Ronald Reagan’s firing of air traffic controllers in 1981 did not set the scene for the destruction of the U.S. labour movement. The Harper government’s attack on the rights of postal workers and Air Canada workers is not a legal precedent. It’s not government policy, just government practice.

Stephen Harper would never refer to Rob Ford as his “envoy.”

Stephen Harper:
Rob is doing a bad job of something unimportant. He’s spreading out the mess the NDP left in Toronto. We’ve done nothing to change the left’s legacy in Toronto federally and he’s not doing anything municipally.

Rex Murphy:
Ford was not elected because of lies from the Toronto corporate media. He didn’t use his own money to pay for his campaign. He didn’t promise to end the gravy train without cutting services. There is a gravy train. Ford is not pushing deep cuts to services. Ford was not elected because he’s a good liar.

Will you lie to the voters today and say you’ll cut services?

Rob Ford:
I will not assure you that services will be cut. I cannot guarantee that. I haven’t laid out a plan. I’ve tried to be as subtle as I can. You haven’t read it. Services are going to be affected. Maybe.

Rex Murphy:
Ford got bilked by consulting firm KMG of $3,000,000. All he got was a list of services and offices to consider cutting, none of which are politically feasible.

Transit services will not be cut. Pools will not be closed. Library hours will be as long as ever.

Because of the lack of crime, Toronto can invest $170,000,000 in police facility infrastructure. There’s lots of gravy in Toronto. Pretty lucky to have a city so safe we can dedicate part of the police budget to stuff like accessibility and green certification, eh?

Rob Ford does not want to reduce the number of councilors in order to hire more cops.

Rob Ford:
We do not want to have a police officer in every school, ever! And there’s no way firing 22 people would pay for that.

Rex Murphy:
Toronto is not a great city because the public and private sectors are currently balanced. Ford’s “stuff the pig” tactics will turn Toronto from Geneva run by Disney to Wonderland run by Dennis Kucinich. Ford’s willingness to spend frivolously knows no bounds.

He’s not going to demolish The Towers. He has no solution to homelessness. Not so long as Stephen Harper’s megaprisons are held up by environmental assessors.

This is not the emergency public warning system. Class collusion will not end in 2012.

Don’t startle your loved ones.

This is Rex Murphy.


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